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Written by Kameron Hawkins   
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 00:00
Aranyi Cigars are only provided to our Members for their personal enjoyment. Only members may order our cigars for themself or for events they are holding or supporting.
To have us host our Aranyi Cigars Class "How to Cut, Light and Enjoy a Fine Cigar" you must order a Sponsorship Level Membership. If Mr. Hawkins our Founder & Chairman is not in your area at the time of this event, you may have to cover travel and hosting fees. The best way to find out is by calling 702.301.3663 today for more information, times and dates he is open. Golf, Polo, Yacht, Wine and VIP events and if you are in no need for the Class and would like some of our Aranyi Cigars sent out to you for Wedding and Group events, that's simple join as a Outdoorsman Level Membership or higher. (Memberships are limited)
Most of our Members are gifted a membership for their first year by a fellow member. Many fathers have registered their son(s) as a gift membership, so their loved one may enjoy one of the world finest cigars. Our Aranyi Cigars line is not available for sale at any retail location in the world or online. And ladies we would like to thank you also for ordering, the loved one in your life an Aranyi Cigars Membership and joining with your own memberships. We thank all of you.
This year we have seen many of our members referring their cigar friends to our website. We have found that most of our members refer others to us because they kept being asked to part with one of their limited Aranyi Cigars. This brings a smile to our team knowing so many fine cigar lovers enjoy our Aranyi Cigars.
Cigar Caddy Travel HumidorHow to become an Aranyi Cigars Member?
Please take the time to read the following before you register - thank you.
When you register to become an Aranyi Cigars Member you will be providing us with the information we will need to send you your monthly, quarterly or annual order of Aranyi Cigars. Aranyi Cigars retailed value is from $45 to $65+ per cigar and are not sold retail, only Members of Aranyi Cigars receive our hand-rolled cigars.
The number of Aranyi Cigars you will receive is based on your membership level and sent to you in a Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor.
Membership Levels
Adventure Level Membership: 4-Aranyi Cigars hand-rolled and dipped or not dipped in Wild Desert Honey. Mailed to you in a 5-Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor.  Weekly, Monthly, or Annual for the total of $100 per order. (Click Here ) You will receive 4 hand rolled Aranyi Cigars with a 54 ring gauge and 7" long (Aranyi Churchill Cigar)
Please Review - You may order online and then register, you shall receive an online invoice for your Membership fee you pick from. You may save time by making your payment here online today and your order will go in within one business day. The fastest and best way to join is by call us today at 702.301.3663 and let us take care of you right now with some one-on-one service.
After your payment is received we shall send you a welcome shipment based on your membership. Your Aranyi Cigars will be inside the world best travel humidor, know as Cigar Caddy.  We only send our cigars in Cigar Caddy travel humidors. We want our Aranyi Cigars to come to you in the best shape and ready to enjoy. The Cigar Caddy will keep our Aranyi Cigars just right in any weather anytime of the year in the world.
After becoming an Aranyi Cigars Member you will receive a monthly email with member only offers.
Our memberships are limited to 1,000 members worldwide per level.  From time-to-time you will find us to be sold out of a membership level and that page on our website in the member only area will be down.
Thank you again for visiting our website and becoming a member. We look forward to you becoming one of the few that can call themself a Member of Aranyi Cigars worldwide.
Best Regards,
M Kameron Hawkins 
Aranyi Cigars, LLC 
Membership - 702.301.3663
M. Kameron Hawkins - Founder & Chairman (Volunteer)
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